Dr. Julieta Castellini

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

Accredited AHPRA Accredited Supervisor

Enrolled as Advanced Schema Therapy Candidate

Biography – Dr. Julieta Castellini

Julieta has an empathetic and genuine approach. She is passionate about working collaboratively with clients to assist them to overcome problems they may be experiencing and to build upon their strengths. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and completed her doctoral thesis on how adolescents with mental illness regulate and express their emotion.

Julieta has clinical experience working with clients across the lifespan (children, adolescents and adults) in the public and private sector, both in Australia and in the United Kingdom. She has a special interest in working with clients who have difficulty in regulating their emotions, including presentations such as depression, anxiety, difficulty adjusting to life changes and substance abuse, as well as working with couples to assist them in enhancing their relationship. She also has a strong interest in working with clients who have experienced trauma or difficult life experiences and clients from non-English speaking backgrounds.

In her training, Julieta has gained experience using evidence based interventions, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and emotion focused therapy (EFT) and tailors these in order to best fit the individual and their presenting difficulties. Julieta places an emphasis on empathy and individuals feeling comfortable in session.



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