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Five keys to a satisfying sex life for parents

Between careers, children and the pressures of being a grown up, maintaining a healthy sex life can end up pretty low on the “to do” list of many couples.  Sexual desire is at an all time low for many couples in the years when their children are youngest.  But […]
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10 Signs That It’s Time For A Digital Detox

  Do you find yourself constantly tethered to your devices? Compared to one or two decades ago, you’ve probably noticed that a large portion of your waking life is now spent connected to technology and the Internet. Whether you’re sifting tirelessly through work emails, Googling energetically for an assignment, slaying […]

Evidence Based Dating Strategies

Dating advice is everywhere, but most of it is based on opinion and folklore (or even creepy pick-up artists). New research from the University of Queensland uncovers the truth about how to attract a date.   When you’re trying to attract the attention of a potential partner you have a choice: […]

How much screen time is too much ?

Dr Aaron Frost gives some advice not only on how much screen time children should have access to, but also on what type of screen time causes the most problems.   How much screen time is too much ?   I get asked this question at […]
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    It’s a fact, Men have a higher sex drive than women. Are all relationships doomed ?

It’s a fact, Men have a higher sex drive than women. Are all relationships doomed ?

It might seem like a cliché, but the reality is that generally men have more interest in sex than women.  In fact, 51% of men would like to have sex at least every day compared to only 7% of women.  We hear about it everywhere; stand-up comedians and sitcoms […]