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Parent Self-Care: The Important Flow On Effect

  by Dr Alison Bocquee     There is a lot written in social media and print about being a good parent, good enough parent, ‘the best you can be parent’.  We hear of the importance of looking after ourselves […]

Freeing Ourselves From Avoidance

-By Dr Jasmine Pang     As human beings, we are encoded to survive by avoiding things that are likely to cause us pain, which we have learnt in the past to induce pain or which is stressful or unpleasant: be it that […]

When Baby Makes 3 – tips for making the adjustment to Parenthood

By Dr Kylee Forrest     It is no secret that bringing home a baby is time if immense love and joy. Yet it also signifies a time of enormous change for each new parent as an individual, […]

When Cracks Appear – Referring Couples for Relationship Therapy

  By Dr Jennifer Wilson     Positive, supportive relationships can help us withstand many of the expected or unexpected challenges life might throw at us. At times of stress, knowing there is at least one special other to turn to, who we can trust to hear […]

3 Ways To Tell If Your Child Might Have Social Anxiety

  Written by By Dr Cate Hearn         Shy or Self-Conscious   Compared to other children their own age, socially anxious children appear shyer and more self-conscious. They may:    
  • Find it hard to talk to other children
  • Find it hard […]

Five Screen-Time Life Hacks

Written By Dr Tania McMahon       It’s 9pm. You’re exhausted. You’ve just finished dinner, maybe putting the kids to bed, tidying up around the house and vaguely thinking about what you have on tomorrow, and you have approximately one hour […]

Embracing Easter – It’s time to teach play

Most of us can’t decide what we think of the Easter holidays – it seems every bonus comes with its own cost. The camping trip is booked, but will begin with standstill traffic on the Bruce Highway. The chocolate eggs have been hidden, but a secret few will always […]
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Benchmark Psychology, helping Brisbane

Benchmark Psychology just marked our three year anniversary.  As well as being a world class, evidence based psychology practice, we are also part of the Brisbane community.  We thought it would be a good time to reflect back, and see what we have been doing to service Brisbane these […]

6 Ways to get help for your child

Girl (free comm use) As a parent, supporting your child or teenager through mental health challenges can seem overwhelming. Many parents find themselves wondering – What do I do now? Who can help me?   What’s best for my child?   It’s good to […]
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Evidence Based Dating Strategies

Dating advice is everywhere, but most of it is based on opinion and folklore (or even creepy pick-up artists). New research from the University of Queensland uncovers the truth about how to attract a date.   When you’re trying to attract the attention of a potential partner you have a choice: […]