Sometimes you don’t need the intensity focus of individual therapy.  Groups can be a great way of learning skills and building support networks, they are also more efficient in terms of cost, and can therefore make therapy more affordable for people.  Benchmark runs a number of group programs throughout the year.  We select group programs based on both evidence base and client need.  


You can be confident that any group program run by Benchmark Psychology will be supported by a strong research body.  We are also just as rigorous in collecting outcomes form our groups to make sure you are benefitting from the program.


If there is a group program you would like to see us run, please feel free to contact us with suggestions



triple pTriple-P 

Triple-P is an evidence based program for helping parents learn how to deal with difficult behaviours in children.  At Benchmark Psychology, we run the modules of Triple P in an intensive block over two consecutive saturdays.  





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Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is a relatively new evidence based approach that can help with a range of other problems. This technique has proven enormously beneficial both in alleviating symptoms but also in helping people with no problems lead more fulfilling daily lives.  However, learning mindfulness requires practice.  Benchmark Psychology is offering a mindfulness group program to allow people to learn the skills of mindfulness and to learn from each other on this journey.