How to Integrate Digital Mental Health Services into your Practice


The eMHPrac Project is part of the Australian Government’s e-Mental Health Strategy to develop an accessible, high quality and integrated e-Mental Health Care System. After investing over $70 million in the development of a range of e-Mental Health Services (including online programs and telephone crisis lines), the government are now investing further funding into engaging and training health professionals in awareness, promotion and use of these services. Led by Professor David Kavanagh (QUT) and his e-Psychology Research Team, the e-Mental Health in Practice Project (eMHPrac) is an initiative funded from 2013-2021 to build digital mental health awareness and skills in primary care practitioners across the country.

Digital mental health comprises online services, programs or apps that may be self-driven or guided by a health professional or other support person. These services are ideal as standalone treatment interventions for Australians with mild-to-moderate mental health symptoms, or can be used in combination with face-to-face care. Many of the services and resources are available to practitioners and their clients either free or at minimal cost.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what ‘e-Mental Health’ is and the evidence behind it.
  • Learn about the wide range of services currently available and their role in the Australian mental health system.
  • Increase awareness, confidence, knowledge and skills in evaluating, utilising and integrating digital mental health programs and resources into your practice as a Psychologist.
  • Identify what aspects of digital mental health programs and resources need to be considered and assessed when recommending, referring or utilising these tools with clients.


About the Presenter

Dr Tania McMahon

Tania is a Clinical Psychologist at Benchmark Psychology and Senior Research Officer on the eMHPrac Project at QUT. Outside of her clinical work, she delivers and evaluates national training and support on digital mental health resources to allied health practitioners and service providers. Tania has 8 years of clinical experience and over a decade of experience in applied mental health research, and has a keen interest in how to integrate digital technologies into mental health care to improve outcomes.


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  • e-Mental Health 101 for Psychologists
    26 July, 2019
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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