In response to demand, Aaron Frost is planning on running two formal supervision packages this year.
(please note, these packages are not a substitute for a PsyBA accredited masterclass, but do count toward Continuing Professional Development).

With his experience both as a supervisor and having facilitated over 50 supervisor accreditation workshops, Aaron has encountered many of the trickiest supervision situations that can arise and has worked towards achieving the best ethical, legal and client outcomes.  As founder and director of Benchmark Psychology, Aaron has a strong knowledge of the evidence base around excellence in client outcomes, and the vital role supervisors play in achieving this.


Dr Aaron Frost  -  Clinical Psychologist  - Supervision Trainer
Director of Benchmark Psychology - 20 years experience



Aaron is a highly regarded Brisbane based psychologist and Supervisor.  He has supervised over 100 psychologists across all of the major pathways.

  • 4 + 2
  • 5 + 1
  • Masters
  • Registrar
  • Extraordinary Entry
  • Grandfathering
  • PsyBA mandated remedial supervision

In 2011 Aaron took over from his esteemed colleague Prof Roger Dooley and became the second STAP certified trainer along with Prof Analise O'Donovan.  During his involvement with STAP, he has worked closely with the core team to overhaul the program and ensure it remains in line with contemporary research and practice.  He has also developed and delivered two separate Master Classes for experienced supervisors wishing the re-certify.

Aaron has now trained over 800 psychology supervisors across Australia and Asia, and is often sought for second opinions regarding challenging clinical, ethical and supervision of supervision related questions.

Webinar series

This webinar series will be consist of 2 hours of content, delivered monthly for 5 months; a total of 10 hrs training.  The webinars will involve active learning, with both pre-reading and a brief evaluation component.

The content will be informed by Aaron's work as a STAP trainer and will focus on the most challenging issues highlighted by supervisors.  He will walk participants through these key areas in supervision illustrated with case examples, and with reference to law, ethics, outcome research and interpersonal process dynamics.  The format will be a mix of structured and participant-led discussion.

For a new supervisor just finding your feet, or for a more experienced supervisor who is feeling the need to get back to their best, this webinar series will be ideal.

Price - $350 (inc GST) for the entire series

Wednesdays, 12.30pm AEST

  • 24th July: Supervision refresher and best practice
  • 28th August: When the supervision relationship isn't working
  • 18th September: Challenging ethical dilemmas in supervision
  • 23rd October: Use of outcome measurement in supervision
  • 13th November: Culture of feedback and deliberative practice in supervision

Group Supervision of Supervision

Supervision can be incredibly rewarding when it is going well.  However, it is also true that Supervision can be one of the biggest headaches when it is not going well.  These group supervision of supervision sessions will be set up as a facilitated discussion to work through tricky issues in supervision and learn from each other's experiences.  Groups will be formed of no more than 5 supervisors, who will be matched for areas of interest and experience.  Groups will be held monthly for 5 months.

The group format will ensure that not only does each individual get to work through specific issues of concern to them each session, but that the learning is amplified by the observation of the challenges and problem solving of your peers.  Each week will have a focussed topic to focus discussions, but the small group format will allow these issues to be explored fully and applied to individual examples.

Price $550 (Inc GST) for the entire group series

Group 1 Mondays 1pm

  • 15th July
  • 19th August
  • 9th September
  • 14th October
  • 18th November

Group 2 Wednesday 11am

  • 24th July
  • 28th August
  • 18th September
  • 23rd October
  • 13th November

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in either the structured webinar series or joining on of Aaron's facilitated supervision groups, please fill in your details below.