Rebecca Frost



Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)


Completing PhD in Clinical Psychology


Triple P Accredited


Member of the International Society for Sexual Medicine


Affiliate of the Australian Centre For Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy





Biography – Rebecca Frost


Rebecca has recently submitted her PhD, researching the distress couples experience as a result of sexual desire problems and has an interest in helping people with a variety of sexual dysfunctions and disorders.  She believes in supporting strong relationships of all types, including couples, families and parent-child relationships.  Rebecca has experience providing parenting assistance in families that are experiencing difficulties such as behavioural difficulties, problems with attachment, and child anxiety.






Frost, R., & Donovan, C. (2018). The Development and Validation of the Sexual and Relationship Distress Scale. The journal of sexual medicine15(8), 1167-1179.