Achieving excellence in practice involves close attention to what is working and what is not.



A well-established principle of best practice requires attention to client feedback. Our psychologists will seek feedback at the end of each session to look for areas that future therapy sessions can be improved. This evidence-based reporting builds excellence in practice.


We also track outcomes at each session. This progress monitoring then helps us to compare the effectiveness of your treatment against expected improvements.

We are then able to continue with more certainty on a particular treatment pathway, or change directions to improve the outcome.  Benchmark Psychology practitioners will also seek peer review when therapy is not meeting expectations.


Every quarter Benchmark Psychology aggregates its data to measure the practice’s overall effectiveness. We set specific self-development goals for our therapists and support them with continuous professional development to encourage ongoing learning.



Treatment Pathway


Benchmark Psychology evidence-based reporting pathway



Treatment Session Planning


Benchmark Psychology evidence-based reporting - session planning