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Benchmark Psychology is a practice dedicated to excellence in clinical psychology and optimal client outcomes. 


We’re raising the bar:  Providing you with the highest standard of psychological service is important to us.  Benchmark Psychology is a front-runner of using routine outcomes to inform treatment decisions. For our clients this means increasing the likelihood of a successful therapy outcome; and for the referrer it provides assurance that their patients will have the greatest opportunity to benefit from their therapy.

We listen: Our psychologists are genuinely interested in understanding the complexities of their clients situation. They are trained in evidence based therapy approaches, and will work closely with their clients to find a way of working that fits. Our psychologists want to hear your feedback as it forms an important part of their ongoing professional development.


We are committed:  Benchmark Psychology is a practice dedicated to clinical excellence.  All of our psychologists work hard before and after your session, ranging from reading the latest research in treatment outcomes, through to reflecting on each session looking for areas to improve.  On average, each psychologist at Benchmark completes almost 3 times the amount of professional supervision of their practice required by the Psychology Board of Australia.

We never stop learning: The research on excellence tells us that once a person reaches a level of being competent in a particular field, more experience doesn’t make them any better.  The only way to move beyond competent toward excellent, is to strive daily to find areas where improvements can be found.  At Benchmark our entire system has been developed with the aim of making it easier for psychologists to identify their weaknesses so they can improve. For the client, this means they will be working with someone who takes their professional development seriously.