The best predictor of a good therapy outcome is a strong therapeutic alliance.

Create an Environment

Your psychologist will create a safe space where therapy can take place - where clients can discuss their feelings and problems in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  This is the first building block for a strong therapeutic alliance. If you don’t feel this comfort, a good psychologist should also be open to feedback in order to improve your therapy experience.

Goal Setting

Sometimes goals are as complex as a change in career or a difficult decision that needs to be made.  Other times goals are as simple as "I don't want to feel this way anymore".  Whatever your goal is from therapy, it is important that you and your psychologist are 100% clear and working on the same thing.

Target Goals

From here, you and your therapist can agree on a course of action to reach your goals. Your therapist will continue to provide a safe environment for you to work on your goals without being judged or feeling ashamed.  It is important to check back in regularly that you are making progress toward your goals.