Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

PhD in Clinical Psychology

Associate of the International Centre for Clinical Excellence

AHPRA Accredited Supervisor


Biography – Dr. Aaron Frost

Aaron is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Benchmark Psychology in Brisbane. For the past 10 years Aaron has been collecting data on his effectiveness as a therapist in order to improve his own performance. The improvements he has been able to measure inspired him to start Benchmark Psychology as an outcome informed practice on the southside of Brisbane where evidence based therapies are delivered to clients, and where psychologists can be actively involved in measuring and improving their performance. Aaron is a STAP accredited supervisor and has trained over 500 psychologists nationally in the practice of professional and peer supervision as a consultant for STAP.

Aaron is also a sought after Brisbane based speaker and runs training workshops on topics including parenting, personality disorders, and schizophrenia. He brings the same commitment to quality assurance to training as to his clinical work, and consistently receives excellent reviews from his training workshops from psychologists and other health professionals.

In terms of his clinical work, Aaron provides treatment to two primary populations; Children with behaviour problems, and men experiencing life transitions.



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Peer Review

From time to time Aaron is also invited to provide expert critique on scientific papers within his field of expertise.  Aaron has served this role for the following journal and organisation:

Clinical Psychologist

Child Psychiatry and Human Development

APA Division 5: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, scientific program