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An Uncomfortable Problem – Encopresis

 What is encopresis?


sadboy‘Encopresis’ is when children past toilet training age regularly ‘have accidents’, or do poos places other than the toilet. They can’t control when, or where, this will happen, so it can become very upsetting for both children and […]

An Uncomfortable Problem – Encopresis2023-08-21T15:46:36+10:00

Kids on Speed ? … a documentary

Professor Mark Dadds at UNSW has been involved in an exciting documentary for the ABC, looking at the ways in which ADHD affects families, and how teams of professionals working together can help out.  Mark is both a brilliant researcher and a skilled clinician; this is definitely one to watch […]

Kids on Speed ? … a documentary2023-08-21T15:47:38+10:00

What’s wrong with evolution

The Evolution of Psychotherapy conference is the largest conference in the world dedicated to psychological therapies and treatments. There are over 8000 therapists here from 52 countries. It’s held every 4 years and this year is in Anaheim California, just opposite the Disneyland campus.


Perhaps this year’s proximity to Disneyland creates […]

What’s wrong with evolution2023-08-21T15:48:10+10:00

Who’s afraid of peer review?

One of the really interesting trends in science that has been emerging over the past few years is the move toward online and open access publications.  Access to scientific journals is incredibly expensive, and can chew up a large chunk of a universities’ budget very quickly.  The idea behind many of […]

Who’s afraid of peer review?2023-08-21T15:49:08+10:00

Rat Park – challenging pre-conceptions about addiction

Many of us remember the addiction story from our under-graduate Psychology 101 class. The story goes that drugs like heroin and cocaine are so addictive that when rats are exposed to them, they will continue to take the drug over food or water until they literally starve to death. So […]

Rat Park – challenging pre-conceptions about addiction2023-08-21T15:49:41+10:00

Improving Therapy Drop-out Rate

Benchmark Psychology was established as a data driven practice. Not only are all of our psychologists trained in evidence-based practice techniques, we also measure their outcomes with all of their clients to identify areas in which improvements can be made. We then benchmark their performance back to the […]

Improving Therapy Drop-out Rate2019-03-26T20:10:36+10:00

What makes you happy?

This is an interesting question that philosophers, psychologists, and psychiatrists have struggled with for years.

What makes you happy?2023-08-21T15:50:29+10:00